Yeah Baby, The Family Room Transformation has Begun!

The last time I posted about redecorating my abode I spoke of the dining room. Yet, as it turns out, we’re doing the family room! Both rooms are in dire need of some lovin’, but since the burly man and I can’t stand to look at our nasty sofa another day, the family room is gettin’ done. And I mean the whole shebang – furniture, paint, window treatments, artwork, accessories, the works baby!

Here’s some inspiration I found:

I’ve been loving the whole white walls and white slipcovers for a while now. I think what I like the most is the homey, collected-over-time, personal quality that this blank slate almost forces you to create. And although I love this look, I wasn’t so sure I could pull it off.

Well, my friends, I have taken the white on white plunge. I’m a little scared, but I’m more excited. I’m really discovering the endless possibilities for adding all kinds of character and personality into this new space.

First, here’s a before pic. Please note that this picture was taken after the walls were painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. The previous color was sort of a khaki-green.

The sofa and chairs (there’s a second club chair not in the picture) were inherited from the previous owners of our house. When we moved in we had a 7 yr. old, a 4 yr. old and a third who was about to be born in mere days. So, we decided to keep the sofa and chairs instead of buying something new to get peed on and spit-up on. (Amazingly enough I don’t think anyone has ever peed on this couch, however it has seen it’s fair share of baby spit-up.) It is now time, oh boy is it time, for a new sofa!

And here she is (our sectional will not have the chaise)…

This lovely, down-wrapped, sinkable, washable, family cuddle-couch will be delivered in two weeks. We almost bought a different sofa that was upholstered in a velvet microfiber. It was divine, but I realized the washability of slipcovers was really key to me.

With the walls painted white and a white sectional on the way I was beginning to get a little nervous about how to bring in some personality and color. For some reason I kept thinking about red panels for the windows. Not bright solid red, but something with mainly red as the color. I looked on for some ideas and was really liking these.

I hunted the web and pinterest to see someone else's red panels with a white sofa and couldn't find anything, until at last I came across this…

Cue the singing angels. Amazing. This is pretty much the image I had in my head for my family room and here it is for me to see. That never happens. The drapes are even made using the damask fabric I spotted on And my lovely and talented friend Paula has kindly agreed to make help me with sewing my own panels.

As for artwork on the walls – I’m really trying to use what we have for the meantime. I also need to get some lamps and end tables, which I’m hoping to find on craigslist or a thrift shop. The accessorizing and the artwork will be more of a gradual process.

I did find this little guy at Pier One just the other day and he looks very cute sitting up on the mantel. I definitely want more owls around the house.

p.s. I’ll hopefully have some dining room changes to share soon too that “I’m psyched out of my mind about”. (what movie is that from?)

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  1. Jayne Garon

     /  February 29, 2012

    I really like the white on white look, its a clean & refreshing look.I also am a big fan of the red. My only question is how will it do with 3 small kids?

    • Well, for the most part they’re generally clean children😉 However, in the summer when they may come in kind of sweaty and dirty with a snake in one pocket and a frog in the other and happen to sit on the couch – I can simply wash the slipcover. And they don’t eat much food on our couch, mostly crackers really. But again, if someone spills chocolate ice cream all over it – I wash it. And if I can’t get the stain out, I call the company and if they can’t get the stain out they send me a new slipcover. But you know these are extremes. I really think it will be a lot easier to pull off a slipcovered cushion and wash it than to scrub and scrub the stain directly on the cushion. I love, love, love that I can wash the slipcovers. I really think this white sofa will be the cleanest sofa I’ve ever owned. We shall see. I think I’ll do a follow up post on the white sofa in a few months.

  2. Love them all ! Where are the colonial stars ? Have you thought about moose in your decor, to bring in the Maine thing, or loons. Love owls too ! Don’t forget to check out ebay, they have some great gently used Karastan carpets and Waverly curtains for short $$.. Have fun !!


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