25 Things

Shaunna over at Perfectly Imperfect is hosting a “25 Things Party” and I thought this was a great way to get my blogging groove back in action. So here it goes:

1. I’ve had 2 sick kiddos at home since Mon.

2. For several years I’ve contemplated homeschooling for my kids.

3. With the 2 sick kids home the past few days we did a little homeschooling and I loved it. I think they liked it too.

4.  I took my oldest to a Boy Scout meeting last night to meet our local troop and see if he’d like to go from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

5. He now has his sights set on Eagle Scout.

6.  Six weeks from today the Burly Man is having bilateral knee replacements.

7.  I sent my only non-contagious child to school today with a lunch, completely forgetting it was a half day today, no lunch necessary.

8.  My kitchen is a monstrous, scary mess far more often than not.

9.  I really want to learn how to crochet.

10.  There is a beautiful mink coat in my home office right now.

11.  The coat belongs to my mother.

12.  I think I might greet the Burly Man at the door wearing nothing but the mink coat.  Just kidding Mom.

13.  I recently purchased Julia Child’s “The Art of French Cooking” from ebay.  I can’t wait to begin my “cooking lessons”.

14.  I’ve started reading “Charlotte’s Web” to the two youngest cherubs.

15.  I love having three kids.

16.  If I wasn’t so old I’d probably have four.

17.  I love ice skating on a pond or lake.

18.  I can’t wait to skate next time we’re at the cozy cottage.

19.  I don’t actually own ice skates yet, but plan to soon.

20.  I’ll be starting some seedlings indoors soon.

21. Still deciding what seeds to plant.

22.  I have not taken the Christmas lights off of the front bushes yet.

23.  We haven’t had one snowstorm all winter. This is just wrong in so many ways. I need at least one.

24.  My sweet baby girl is wrapped up in her blanky, aka the giggy, sound asleep and snoring in my arms as I write this list.

25.  I can’t bring myself to put her in her bed.

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  1. oh, i love charlotte’s web… such a great book. i remember when my mom (she’s retired now, but was a librarian) read it to me as a kid. makes me smile. stopped by thanks, to the link up party. have a good day. (:


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